the Christmas spirit is all over this week..i LOVE CHRISTMAS, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT…and i miss it so so so so much

no i’m not christian and my mom’s not american but i still do the whole tree and presents (KAIFY :P) i grew up celebrating Christmas with the family because of my uncle’s wife..we had the tree the stockings and the big Christmas dinner..then i went to the states and every year i would go to the lighting of the tree and enjoyed the Christmas shopping, the lights, the music, the ppl but now that i’m back here mako Christmas 😦


every year we get a Christmas tree and i try to get into it..this year however the spirit is STRONG..went over to a friend‘s place the other day to decorate her Christmas tree and she’s BIG on Christmas (smile if ur reading this :P) we had Christmas songs in the background, chai o 7aleeb (very Christmasy i know :P) it was lovely! the weather, the tree, the music and the ornaments i was sooo happy


Here are some pics:



oh, oh, we each had to contribute SOMETHING to the tree..behold my contribution:


i hope it’s still there 😛


December 15, 2008

i know every1 thinks their mom is the cutest bas wala my mom IS the cutest!

i’m invited to a wedding tonight and being the procrastinator that i am i still don’t have shoes…mama has been out looking for something cause she can’t wait till i get off work (we have diff tastes VERY diff) fa ana shway mo 3ajebny el wath3…she just came to work with 2 bags of shoes! she showed me what she picked out o wanted my approval so she can go purchase etyanen???

3 A S A L


December 1, 2008

if u call my ext 35 times then it MUST be important, and since i’m not psychic and i don’t know who 224537890052368779834082 IS then plz leave a msg so i can get back to u..THANK U!

ok this is sooo not the way i wanted to “come back” but aaah i just had to get that off my chest

will write a “proper” post after work


September 15, 2008

been feeling down lately

i honestly have nothing to say and the sight of happy ppl depresses me even more

yes i’m bitter but at least i’m not suicidal

just going through a rough patch or whatever u wana call it

i have missed u all and will only post when i have something positive to say

i leave u all with this song:

This Means War

August 27, 2008

Fourme has waged a war against me…May the

BEST team win !

what r ur thoughts?

August 21, 2008,+say+wealthy+neighbours/

BEST master card commercial !

BEST baseball park 

this song is played at the 8th inning of every home game 

currently reading:


August 17, 2008

Man u 1- Newcastle 1

i HEART amazon

August 15, 2008

i received part of my amazon order and i’m in heaven !

was feeling a little under the weather lately, didn’t make it work on thu and decided to spend the day in the company of books..i had started lamb by christopher moore a while ago but never had the time to finish it so i read it thu and luvd it, every min of it such a funny book

started a thousand splendid suns by khalid hosseini thu afternoon and finished it this morning..i could not put it down! i skipped two meals for this book 😛 fatheeeeeee3 but be prepared for depression..i started sobbing at page 4 and did not stop till page 38! nonstop sobbing..then it comes and goes…the book is simply amazing and i can’t get over these two lines of poetry in the book:

One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs,

 Or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls

it’s a MUST read just be prepared and have lots of tissue boxes next to u

i started why do men have nipples a few hours ago, almost done..very interesting !

so this is how i’m spending my weekend, how’s urs? 

Dumb Dares

August 13, 2008

remember that “decision” i had to make in jan? well i made it last night..i said no..and i think i might be regretting it madry? i just woke up depressed..depressed is not the word i just feel “heavy” o shway maly khelg shay but deep down i know that i made the right decision so i need to cheer myself up and here’s what i’m reading to accomplish that:

Dumb Office Dares:

  • enter your office as if you were a special forces soldier entering a house full of terrorists..take cover behind walls, desks, plants, etc…and use your fingers to shoot all the bad guys
  • place your ear next to your pc monitor and mutter “yes…okay…we’ll have to be careful though…”
  • make a small shrine on your desk and worship it hourly
  • shout “phone!” every time someone’s phone rings
  • give everything on your desk a name, e.g. Sammy Stapler, Phoebe Phone and talk to them whenever you use them
  • pretend to be showing an invisible new colleague around the office, and introduce him/her to everyone
  • while riding an elevator, gasp dramatically every time the doors open
  • shout random numbers while someone is counting
  • in a meeting or crowded situation, slap your forehead and mutter “shut up, damn it, all of you just shut up!”
  • the next time the phone rings answer it with the words “oh now what?!” no matter who it is
  • click your heels together and say “there’s no place like home” over and over every time you’re in the elevator
  • bend down and put your ear to the floor..crawl all the way out of your office like this, muttering “i’ll find you…i’ll find you..” as you go
  • tell a colleague that last night was a mistake and you don’t want a relationship with them…when they ask you what you’re talking about say “exactly. lets just act like it never happened”